Is there a user manual

I have been using Devonthink for 10 years and am very familiar with it.

However Devonthink 3 has additional layers of functionality and complexity. I feel I need to go back to basics with it.

I remember back in the day wading through the instructional manual which is very detailed, and the take control book.

Is there a similarly detailed instruction manual for Devonthink 3 ? I can only find the help, which isn’t as detailed

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It’s available from the download page.

I can only find the help, which isn’t as detailed

That is incorrect. The built-in Help and manual are compiled from the same source, so their contents are the same. One is just accessible in the application; the other as a separate file.

Oh. Ok. Thanks… Probably could do with being more detailed. However I am sure you have your hands full with version 3 and Catalina.

Probably could do with being more detailed.

? What could be more detailed?

Are you looking at the same thing that I’m looking at? I’m seeing 236 pages of detail!



Yes I think I was just looking in the wrong direction. I have just discovered the PDF. It is excellent and very detailed. Just what I was after.

Just because I’m curious, did you not see that I shared with you the link to the PDF 3 days ago?

Yes I followed your link. Thanks. Didn’t respond immediately because I have only just got to it.

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