Is there a way - icon view of all files in all subfolders of a folder

Maybe this is possible, I just don’t know how. Say I have a selected (left panel) folder with 10 subfolders, each with 3 subfolders. Is there a way I can have one consolidated (i.e., flat) icon view of all files (as opposed to, in icon view) seeing a bunch of folders?


  • Create a Smart Group
  • Set its scope to the top-level group
  • kind:image
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Or if it’s only needed once:

  1. Perform a toolbar search for kind:image
  2. Set the scope to the top level group
  3. Switch to icon view

Thanks Pete and Christian, but I am getting zero results with either - attaching what I am doing


If you’re looking for groups, it should be kind:group.

Thanks Jim, actually I might not have been clear - what I am trying to do, is, if I select a parent folder with one or more levels of subfolders, is there a way I can flatten the contents, and see all thumbnails of all images together?

As an example, in Adobe Lightroom, in grid view (showing thumbnails) if I select a parent folder, in the grid to the right I can see all images in all folders consolidated in a flat view. So if I am looking for an image of which I don’t really recall any metadata, I can scroll and visually try to find it, and then I know which folder it is.

Actually, I’m confused - why is this (image attached) smart group not showing any results?

In fact, any smart group that I am creating now, won’t show images that are INSIDE any folders.?? - only at “root” level of the scope

  • What specifically are in the subgroups?
  • What does kind:any show?
  • Does the parent (or grandparent(s)) have Exclude from Search enabled in the Generic Info inspector?

Jim, 2 things:

  1. You are the most logical guy I know. Kudos.
  2. I am probably the stupidest.

Your first question (I am really embarrassed) made me go check, and, OF COURSE, these are png that I CONVERTED to pdf…

Sigh. All working now. Also Christian and pete31, my apologies.

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I converted them to pdf so I could search inside the images. And forgot. I am my worst enemy :wink:


No worries, thanks :blush:, and not at all!

Sometimes you’re just too close to a problem to see the (potential) solution. I’m at a distance from it. :slight_smile:

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I am fortunate to have you :slight_smile:

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And DevonThink and the entire team. You are the reason I am still on a Mac.