Is there a way to automatically update internal links?

I noticed that after renaming a file/note, all the links to that file [[filename]] on other documents will not point to the target anymore.
Is there a way that DT will update them as soon as we rename a note/file?

Yes, I am just renaming the file (the one other notes are pointing to)
1- One note1, I have a link to [[filename]]
2- Go to filename and rename it to filename2
3- Back to the source note1, the link is still there, but now, if I click on it, it will create a new note named “filename”

No. WikiLinks don’t update their names so nothing would happen automatically.
If you were using item links, Tools > Item Links has commands to convert WikiLinks to item links and update the name of linked items links.


Ohh, I was not aware that we can convert WikiLinks to ItemLink.
I was using a small macro in Keyboard Maestro to do that :slight_smile:

Beside that, it will be very cool in future releases to add an automated change like in obsidian.
It’s not a hot topic, but it will be very nice to have it.

Thank you Bluefrog,

Beside that, it will be very cool in future releases to add an automated change like in obsidian.
It’s not a hot topic, but it will be very nice to have it.

Agreed. I think this capability in Obsidian is really helpful: change the name of a file and the associated wiki links in all of the other files are updated automatically. I am hoping that Devonthink adds this feature at some point in the future.


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You could set the alias to the original name.

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The next release will optionally update the names of item links automatically (after renaming), WikiLinks maybe in a future release too.


For what it’s worth, please add my vote for auto-updating WikiLinks as well. Thanks!

Thanks for the vote! This would be probably limited to WikiLinks using square brackets.

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Thank you, Christian! I personally only use square brackets, so it would work perfectly for me.

Ya know, I still occasionally try out Obsidian and the new (Electron) version of Evernote just because. I killed some time doing that today with Obsidian. But within an hour or two, I am always relieved to resume working in Devonthink. The sheer power and the polish of the Devonthink app is just too great. Plus, @bluefrog 's Markdown evangelization is finally starting to tell on me: I now start every new note in Devonthink as a Markdown document. IMHO, Obsidian beats Devonthink in Markdown document composition and maintenance in some ways but Devonthink is coming up fast in that regard. Please keep those refinements coming! And if you guys decide to go to the subscription model for the macOS client, Devonthink will be the only app that I won’t resent for doing so. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it and thanks for the nice comments! :slight_smile:

  • can you use Obsidian to edit markdown notes in DevonThink ?
  • with Obsidian you can’t just copy paste an image into a note. Is that correct ?
  • with Obsidian, don’t you also have bidirectional links ?
    thank you

chipping in with my vote for having Wikilinks update the item name change.
I really love the “Make Link” feature on selected text, especially the [[]] function - very good for making Zettel notes from long form notes.
But 9.9 times out of 10 I would need to change the item name to something more suited for the file organisation, which then breaks the link to the main document.

Yes to your first question. I was indexing my obsidian vault in DT and the edits were almost instantaneous between the programs, both ways.

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thank you