Is there a way to change indexed folder's display name, without change its actual name?

Hi guys, I’m using DT to index a folder via ‘Index Files and Folders’. As the folder is used by a 3rd app, I can’t change its name, which is ‘output’. But showing ‘output’ is meaningless in DT. Can I change its display name only? I was thinking using ‘alias’ could work but it doesn’t.

There’s no possibility currently to change display names. The only workaround would be to add the item to the favorites which can be renamed.

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Another approach – one which I use – is to create a folder with the name you really want to use, then put the indexed folder into that one. (It’s an extra level of hierarchy, which may or may not be an annoyance depending on exactly what else you need to do with it.)

If the folder’s content doesn’t need to be changed it’s also possible to lock the folder in Finder and afterwards rename the group in DEVONthink.

@cgrunenberg It also seems to be possible to rename a group by

  • only temporarily locking in Finder,
  • renaming in DEVONthink,
  • unlocking in Finder.

Is this safe or a good way to get into trouble?

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Not renaming folders is the safest option :slight_smile:

Thanks! I use this way finally. Locking in Finders seems like unknown trouble ahead :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That’s safe as the name and the filename do not have to be identical (and are independent internally).

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