Is there a way to clear an item's metadata?

I have a script that automatically encrypts PDF items based on the name. This acts on the file in the DT database and seems to be working well, however, I’ve noticed that metadata indexed by DEVONthink still remains associated with the item. As it is a sensitive document I’m encrypting, I’d like to remove this information from DT’s index.

It seems like if I remove and re-add the file, it won’t be indexed. I’m curious if there is a way with AppleScript to clear out the metadata without removing and re-adding the file.


The metadata you refer to – are these that data that you can see when you select a PDF and look at Tools > Show Properties? Or something else – such as Spotlight Comments, Mavericks Tags, etc.? The answer to your question depends on these differences.

Is the metadata removed after selecting the items and using File > Update Indexed Items?