Is there a way to close out other running databases?

That’s not really a solution to the issue. In @Archimedes situation and in many other people’s, you don’t know what’s going to be the next thing that will require opening DT so you can’t prepare for something you don’t know when you’re shutting down.
I personally have 6 databases open all the time so I don’t need this BUT I use some software where it absolutely has to, has to, HAS TO, ask me which project(i.e. database) I want to open up after the software is up and running.
I could see there being a toggle/setting/preference for “remember last open databases on start - yes/no” or something more clearly worded than that.

What’s the problem with subtly opening the database that absolutely has to be opened? It’s a single click.


Yes, I know. I’m using a script to open/close databases, but was never motivated to post it.

@Archimedes with Script: Open or close databases you could close and open databases in one go.

Why not…

  • Use File > Close Database > Close All before quitting and just open databases as need on launch?
  • Or you can also use a workspace via Go > Workspace to open (a) certain database(s).
  • Or you can put desired databases in the Favorites of DEVONthink’s Navigate sidebar.
  • Or you could use a database’s item link and open it via other means, like a StreamDeck, BetterTouchTool, etc.
  • etc
  • etc.