Is there a way to close out other running databases?

Hi all!

Every time I open my database, I get the notification that “it seems to be already in use!”. But, I’ve closed out on devonthink/quit the software, and restarted my computer a number of times, but I am still getting the notification. I can’t figure out where else it is on use! Is there a way to completely close out the software? I’m just worried about having two versions of the database running.


Where are your databases located in the file system? Did DEVONthink or the system ever crash or did you use Force Quit?

Nope it didn’t crash. My devonthink files are saved under: account user → library → metadata

Only the Spotlight index should be located in this folder. But where are the databases (see e.g. File > Database Properties)?

The file path in Database properties lists: (my username) → library → application support → Devonthink 3 → (database name)

Does that answer your question? Not sure if I set up the database incorrectly?

That’s most likely the global inbox. Do you have any additional databases created on your own?

In the Finder, do a Spotlight search for kind:database name:dtbase2.

What do you find?

I see: [my username] → Databases → [Database name]

Did you double-click the available .dtBase2 files to open them in DEVONthink?

I just did, and I got the message again!

How did you close DEVONthink (or this database) the last time?

I exited out of it. And just to be sure, I did right click and ‘quit’.

I wonder if it might have something to do with how I set up my databases? I just remember in the beginning when I first got devonthink, I didn’t understand what databases were, and thought that they were “groups”. Im not sure now, but maybe I created multiple databases somehow that were duplicates?

Press Continue. DEVONthink will do a verification of the database and report any errors. What do you see?

It says “successfully verified”. Does that mean there’s no issue?

The wording seems to indicate that. You could try to close DT now (using the menu or Cmd-Q) and see what happens when you open it again.

I’m not sure that I understand what you mean. A database can’t be a duplicate of another one. Or did you perhaps create aliases to your databases in Finder?

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

ok, I don’t see the message anymore, and the database automatically shows up when I open devonthink! (Compared to before, where I had to open it and then I get the message). Thanks!

Glad to hear it. :slight_smile:
Open a support ticket if this recurs.

Now I’m confused. It doesn’t seem like opening a database automatically when opening DT should be the preferred workflow. Some of us switch between databases enough that we want to determine which database to start with when we open DT, just as you generally open a word processing document after you start he program. To start always with the last document you edited in not usually what you want.

Before you quit DEVONthink

  • close all database that you don’t want to be opened
  • open all databases that you want to be opened
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