Is there a way to do MathJax configuration on DTTG?

In DEVONthink 3.9 on the Mac, I use the JavaScript configuration option in the Markdown preferences to point to a document in DEVONthink,

and in that document (my-mathjax-config.js), I set some MathJax options like this:

window.MathJax = {
  loader: {
    load: ['[tex]/mathtools']
  tex: {
    packages: {'[+]': ['mathtools']},
    displayMath: [ ['\\[', '\\]'] ],

Is there a way to achieve this on DTTG too? Since the document is sync’ed, it’s available in DTTG, but I don’t see an option to load the file. I know that it’s possible to add CSS definitions in the Markdown Settings panel, and I do that for custom CSS:

but there is no equivalent to that for JavaScript code. (I tried adding the item link of the JS file to that panel. I didn’t expect it to work – because the content is not CSS – and indeed, it doesn’t seem to do anything.)