Is there a way to lock the left-most column, in Columns View, to prevent its contents from partially hiding behind the Navigation Bar?

Hello all,

I use the columns view very frequently, but one quirky aspect of it drives me bonkers. (Hoping it’s a case of operator error :slight_smile:).

While in Column view, if I select an item within the Nav bar, a column of course appears with contents.
If I then select within that column, which presents a lower-tier (new) column, and then select an item in the newest/right-most column, I then loose the ability to see the Name labels in the “left-most” column–because the labels are partially hidden behind the Nav bar. Is there a way to lock that column to prevent that from happening?


No, there isn’t a setting for this. First request I can recall actually.
Can you post a screen capture of the phenomenon?

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Hi Jim,
Thanks a bunch. Very sorry for delay. Got slammed with work this past week.

This has to be something stupid I’m doing. I’m going to pay more attention to this and will let you know if I think something is wonky.

I mean, obviously, when one clicks through ten tiers of groups in a hierarchy–thereby 10 columns–the software will to exactly what we want it to do, with the width of the display (and its resolution) determining of course what we can and cannot see. Of course, the window size of DT within that space also matters.

I’ve had some instances where I seem to loose sight of the left column when I’m only drilling down a little bit—but that’s probably because of some boneheaded thing I did–a column unnecessarily too wide or whatever.

Thanks again!


No worries - life gets busy for us all!

Let us know at your leisure and convenience. :slight_smile:

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Hey Jim!
Hope you’re enjoying today’s weather. What a slow Spring it’s been!

The minor annoyance that prompted me to write this thread does still presents itself–even on a 34-inch “widescreen” monitor with tons of white space on the right side of a DT window. (I thought at first this might only present itself on a laptop.)

To better explain what’s going on:

When I right-click an item in a column, i.e. to replicate it, the column I’m working with then shifts leftward, thereby hiding the labels of the items behind the left nav bar. I therefore can’t see what I’m doing unless I subsequently shift the all columns to the right, by scrolling.

The column I put a star in, is the one that shifted. This is a consistent (non-intermittent) behavior.

If there’s a way to stop this from happening, I’d be grateful.

Warm regards,

The weather in the Midwest is pleasant enough today. Better than the previous few days :cold_face:

What you are showing is not anything unusual.

  • You have View > Show Details enabled. This displays a thumbnail and some document metadata in the subsequent column. This is what causes the sidecrolling. Disabling the option would preserve the current column.
  • Also, the preceding column is wider as it’s accommodating the long filename shown at the bottom of the column.

Spectacular. That did the trick. THANK YOU!!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: