Is there a way to search two words, in Content, by defining their proximity to one-another?

The best example I can offer, is the very last criterion field in the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America Advanced Search page, which I use constantly.

There, I can search for instances of [Word-A AND Word-B] in which no more than, say, five words are in-between the two. This feature is a godsend for research in the humanities. Can DT do this now and/or is this a feasible feature to recommend for future builds? Thanks!

DEVONthink can do this since at least several years

term1 NEAR term2: term1 occurs 10 words or less before or after term2

term1 NEAR/n term2: term1 occurs n or less words before or after term2

The NEAR/n operator is is covered in the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Search Operators.

@pete31 @BLUEFROG GLORIOUS! I should have asked about this weeks ago. Jim, TY for help reference. Not sure how I missed it last night. Way good!

BTW you could index a copy of Jim’s great help resource with this script. It makes looking up things very easy.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: