Is there a way to search with specific parameters, e.g. only from a database?

I’ve decided to stick to an indexed database because I like to work in the following way: I open spotlight, type the beginning of a PDF’s name, press enter, and it opens inside of my PDF reader. I don’t want it to open the database location in DTP3 and I don’t want any point and click.

Is there a way to do this with DTP3? I thought ⌘+/ would do, but it doesn’t find my PDFs nor does it let me press arrow down and then enter to open whatever it does find (in fact, I’m not really sure how to make use of that command).

I’m thinking of switching database mode so that I can use DT2Go.

What command are you expecting to happen with this shortcut?

When I use this command, I get the following box:

I’m wondering if there’s a way to specify what comes up with such a search.

No, there isn’t. It opens ready for you to type into it.

I don’t know how it works for others, but it doesn’t show any files, only folders. This means that I can’t use it as a quick access for particular PDF files, as I might use Spotlight.

That is correct. You are trying to use the Sorter for ause for which it’s not intended. It is only for finding folders to access or drop items into.

You could use the Go > To Document popover, however that is not going to open the file in an external application. Again, you’re trying to make DEVONthink do something it’s not programmed to do. Development would have to assess a change in behavior.

Thank you for the clear answer.

I think it would be nice to have an option to open .dtbase2 files either in DTP or have them be directed to the default program for the extension. It’s the only reason I’m using an indexed database.

It’s the only reason I’m using an indexed database.

So you’re only indexing because you want the document to open in an external application? That would be an unusual reason to index. And in that case, why wouldn’t you just use Spotlight for opening documents?

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