Is there a way to stop DT from storing data on machines that do not have it installed?

Ok I know this is probably and Apple iCloud Drive problem, but maybe someone has a workaround or something. I have 4 machines, 3 of which have DTP installed. The fourth machine is a base Macbook Air that only has 256gb. When I scan with DaisyDisk I see that DTP is taking up 20gb of space even though its not installed. Is this the Cloudkit sync doing this? What can I do? If DTP is going to camp its data there, I should just buy a 4th license right? :grin:

Are you using an iCloud Legacy sync on any of the devices?

no, all three devices are using CloudKit for sync.

  • Were you previously using a Legacy sync?
  • Where is the space consumed being reported ?

I believe I was when I first picked up this machine. I may have had DTP installed for a short period before I move to another laptop. When you asked me the Cloudkit question, that got me thinking. The data is showing in the Mobile Documents. I deleted it and will just watch and see. Remnants from the previous install you think? I am a little hazy on the whole “how iCloud works” thing.

The Legacy sync (previously just iCloud before the CloudKit sync was implemented) quickly syncs data on the local machine then the iCloud processes handle the transfers to Apple’s servers on its own schedule. It is also supposed to clean up after itself but it controls that location in the User Library so it can download that data when it wants to.

The CloudKit sync syncs directly to Apple’s servers and doesn’t store local sync data.
If there is still Legacy sync data in your account on Apple’s servers, iCloud can redownload it to the Mac. Keep an eye on it, but there’s a good chance you’ll need to delete all DEVONthink’s sync data and sync afresh.