Is there a way to tag a donwload when adding it to the Inbox?

It would be handy to be able to tag a pdf or other document in the moment it is downloaded to the Inbox. That means tagging it in the Finder, I guess, since that’s the app that runs when doing this. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or if people have been doing so for years and I just missed the memo?


A smart rule might do that.

Tagging in the Finder isn’t required, and indeed this has been possible for 3.5 years.
As @chrillek mentioned, this can be accomplished with a smart rule.

The only “difficulty” could be in determining what tag to apply but you haven’t provided any information on that.

Thanks. The problem with a smart rule is, I think, that it would apply to same tag to any file to which it was applied. What I want to do is choose or create a tag when the material goes into DT. I want the option to choose any tag.

If you mean: a smart rule would add the same tag to all files it’s applied to – not necessarily. You could add a script to the rule that determines the tag(s) depending on content, date, filename, whatever.

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Then yes, you can tag in the Finder before importing the file(s).

Actually, I think the simplest way around is a Rule that says once a file has been added, Open it in DT. Then I can tag it right away. Hoping something like this would do it:


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Oops. Rule has to be ANY of the following, not ALL.

Doesn’t really matter without any condition. The all and any are not related to the trigger.

You should not have a smart rule with no criteria.
Add Kind is Any Document.

OK, thanks. Maybe simplest to tag in finder, as you suggested.