Is there an iOS markdown editor that works with DTTG?


From my issue above:

I reported this as a possible bug and it’s fixed in V2.5.

I can flip back and forth between the built in editor and the Markdown editor accessing via the Files browser and everything’s fine :smiley:


1Writer, which recently received a nice update of its own, also works much better with DEVONthink to Go 2.5.


Any further progress on this. Currently, I am using the iA Writer approach, but would love to be able to select a note while perusing DTTG and open it in iA Writer to make changes/additions.

Specifically, is this possible in 1Writer?


The behaviour is the same now as it was when the last post was made on this thread: if you want to edit DTTG Markdown file with an external editor, the best way is to open it from the Files app/document picker built into the editor you like.


Got it. Thanks for the help.


FYI I can edit in Textastic with the same method that works for PDF Expert.

Select the markdown file in DTTG and then Share “Copy to Textastic”. Once the edit is done in Textastic, Share…Open In…“Copy to DEVONthink”.

I admit it is not perfect and you have an extra copy in Textastic that needs to be removed, but sometimes it is really a pain to find that particular file in Files, which is why I use DTTG in the first place.

It would be really nice if I could figure out if a Shortcuts share extension could take me from the DTTG object into Files at the location of the object. Basically an Open in Files extension.

If it is a writing project I am working on, then I use git via gitlab on the Mac and DTPO on the mac indexes the directory. On ios I use Working Copy (git client) and that allows me to edit markdown files in place and also iThoughts mind maps I use for my initial draft of markdown.