Is there any comparable software for Windows?

I love Devon-Think. I think it is the best desktop document management solution on the market today. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find anything like it for my work systems on Windows.

Does anyone have any suggestions for Windows document management software that would be on par with Devon-Think (if that is even possible)?


The only one I’m aware of is something called AskSam. I haven’t used it, but it claims to provide many of the same functions that DTP does.


Have a look at UltraRecall
After many years of AskSam I switched to UltraRecall and then to DT.


Please note that this is not intended as a flip anti-Windows answer.

I’m wondering if you could get a Mac and load it with Parallels or VMware, then drag documents from the Windows desktop (or whatever folder you’re working with) into DTPO, which is resident and running on the Mac side? If you have a Mac at home, you might perform a few experiments to see if such will fit your needs.

Another option is to search the Internet or newsgroups for a copy of Mac OS X that will load on an x86 PC, then load DTPO on that and see if anything works. I’m not at all familiar with these Mac/PC hacks so can’t really offer any tips or how-to’s on it.

Or have you pursued getting a Mac for use at work and performing all your work from it? As far as I’ve heard, only MS Visio is the only “big name” Windows application for which there is no Mac equivalent.

Thanks, Todd. Of course, that’s an option, but not a viable one in this case. I need something that works in the environment I “live in”, not a one off. (I’ve been in IT for 32 years.) :smiley:


There is an entire discussion forum that is largely devoted to various versions of this question: Hope you find it helpful.



I used InfoSelect from for many years before switching to MAC. Its a 9mb app that you can even run from your USB flash and has all the ‘repository’ functions plush email,ftp, calendar,database (ie Bento like), simple tables with tens of formulas and grapher , image viewer, tickler, templates, network, advanced boolean search, smart groups, multiple project save states, simultaneous databases,tabbed browsing,built in browser, and dozens of other features. Its a simplified Word, Excel , Access,Outlook, outliner + more, wrapped in one . Expect a 2010 release, the first since over three years. A tight-lipped developer not know for the best customer transparency .