Is there any way to change the icon of a single smart group?

I use icons as a kind of classification system to facilitate integration with keyboard maestro
thank you

At least for smart groups within a database there is, yes (this method doesn’t work for global smart groups, though): mark and copy the image you want to use as the icon. Now from the context menu of the smart group select get info (or ⌘⇧i). Mark the current icon by clicking on it in the top left hand corner of the info window which has now opened; the icon will become highlighted with a blue frame. Paste your new icon by selecting paste from the edit menu (or ⌘V). Et voilà.

PS the same method works in Finder (just that it is ⌘i to get info).

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Merci beaucoup. I had tried this, as I changed many icons in the past. It did not work, and I now understand that it does not work with global smart groups. thanks again !

You might want to take a look at Script: Colorize DEVONthink Icons.

The script lets you save custom colors and apply them to any record type, e.g. Smart Groups.

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for this idea, I specifically need large red letters as icons. Is that possible with the above ?
thank you !

No, it colorizes the default DEVONthink icons.

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OK. thanks very much