Is there any way to move a Smart Group INSIDE a Smart Group?

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish. I’ve been fighting date attribute issues (document date vs file date) for a year now. So, I got the bright idea to create, for example a smart group called 2007…so in theory anything in the database with 2007 anywhere in it would be 1-click away. Set it up, works perfectly as anticipated, love it.

Now, I want to create SUB-SMART GROUPS to take this a little further. I want to click a drop-down next to 2007 and have months of the year, e.g. “January” which would search anything 1/**/2007, and on and on for the entire year. This way I’m only 2 clicks away from finding all documents in a given month.

Following this train of thought, if I did a sub-sub-smart group for each day of the month, I could drill down to a given date in 3 clicks.

Problem…can’t get a smart group to move into another smart group. Is there a workaround anyone knows of? Working with MASSIVE quantities of documents.

Thank you.

It’s possible to create nested smart groups using “Kind is Smart Group” criteria but I don’t see how you’d be able to match documents in specific date ranges.

Something like Smart Families in the discontinued Journler app would be cool.