Is there any way to (semi) automatically de-dupe?

With the fact that Apple Mail not playing politely with DTP, I have to manually add emails to my DT workflow. However, sometimes I inadvertently end up with one or more duplicate entries in my DT database.

Is there any way that I can kick off a deduplicate process? I’d rather not have to manually select every duplicate and kill it by hand.

I use a smart group (search in databases, instance is duplicate) for this purpose.

I’m with @arnow. Personally, I’d rather inspect duplicates to make sure they are really duplicates. Over here, DEVONthink regularly suggests that things are dupes that are not, so I wouldn’t trust automation on this one.

… nevertheless, it would be a simple script to write (and, may have already been written … browse the Scripting forum)

Thank you both. The smart group does exactly what I was looking for. As long as I can see the duplicates easily (Rather than having to manually check through everything) I get done what I wanted.


Depending on your database structure, you could use third Party tools for that, TidyUp is good and very configurable program.
It is easier to use with indexed databases, of course.

Two days ago the user “raf” brought up a super tip to easily see duplicates, which is to use the “see also & classify”-panel, see this thread.
There is also a shortcut to quickly bring up the panel and also close it , see > menu bar > data.