Is there any way to set the new rich text's title?

Hi there, Im trying to set the title of a new created rich text element with the first paragraph of the text, in the same way that when you capture a note from the service menu, Is there any way to do this inside Devon think?



That’s an easy one.

[1] If you have already typed the text that you wish to use as the title, just select it, Control-click (or Right click), and in the contextual menu options choose the option “Set Title As…”.


[2] In your view’s column displaying item names, select the name you wish to change and type in the new name. Or, press Shift-Command-I to display the Info panel and type in the new name.


Works fine for me, This option only appears If you select a piece of text smaller or equal than the first paragrah, isn’t it?

Thank you for so quick answer!