Is there some way to control an individual doc's background color?

Asking because of a frustrating experience with some info captured from a website. In DTTG I copied a couple of paragraphs and dropped them into a new text doc, saved as styled text, in my Inbox. When I opened the document on my computer (after the database sync’d) I had black text (from the source, I think) on a black background (because on my Macbook DT (and the system) is in dark mode.

So on my computer I changed the text color to white.

Now, when I open the doc in DTTG after syncing, I get a blank white space. I think this is because the text is white (following instructions that make sense with the computer’s black background) but on DTTG the background is white too.

I tried duplicating the text as Markdown or Plain Text, and it turned out white text on black background, ie, legible. But the formatting was lost, making an a useful, organized text into a dense block.

I can’t find the DTTG equivalent of the Mac version’s Format → Show Colors command. Does it not exist in DTTG? And, more generally, what is the solution that would allow me to read text that is on a dark background on my Mac but on a white background in DTTG?


I copied a couple of paragraphs and dropped them into a new text doc, saved as styled text, in my Inbox.

Do you mean you saved a rich text file?

Screen captures would also be helpful.

Similar issue here - I have a “Formatted Note” that I believe I typed directly into DEVONthink on my Mac using a white font on a dark background, and now when I open the note in DEVONthink To Go on iOS, I get a white background and cannot see the text at all. When I open the note on my Mac it’s fine, but I can’t see the text on my iPhone or iPad. I have other “Formatted Notes” that were captured from Safari that appear as white font on a dark background on my Mac and a black font with a light background on iOS.

Welcome @lsnow11

  • Did you set the document colors to be white on black?
    • If so, why did you do this manually?

Honestly, I don’t recall why I did this or if I did it manually. I’ve certainly had to manually adjust the font color to white on some older notes that were imported from Evernote, but usually for new notes I wouldn’t have to do so. Looking at the date on the note with issues, I’m not actually sure if it was created on my Mac or on an older version of DEVONthink To Go (it’s a recipe, and for those I’m usually not on my Mac). It is certainly displaying differently across devices.

Yes, I did as you describe. Will post some screen captures when I have more time. More broadly, the issue is different backgrounds appearing in rich text docs and pdfs depending on whether we are in DT or DTTG. Naturally the user goes for the quick solution – changing text color manually – but then this has consequences when the changed text color renders text invisible in the other app. I think this is what happened to Isnow11 too.


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