Is there some way to display a video's elapsed time?

I want to store mp4 videos in a DTPO database and take time-indexed notes about the video – for example:

1:24- discusses foobar
2:19- details components of foobar
3:12- cost breakdown for a case of foobar

I discovered that I can drag a video into a DTPO RTF document and play it and type notes.

But, DTPO’s embedded player does not display the elapsed time.

Is there some way to display a video’s elapsed time?

Barring this, how can I play the embedded video in an external player that does display elapsed time, without going through an Export operation?

You can see the elapsed time if you view the video using quick view…basically with the item selected you press space bar so that it pops up a sort of mini window and in the bottom right you’ll see the elapsed time.

The other thing you can do is open the video in Quicktime or any other video player installed on your system using the Open with… command. right-click the item and choose open with… and then select the program you want. The first item will likely be quicktime and say (Default) next to it which means if you use the keyboard shorcut command+shift+o then it’ll open in that default application.

DEVONthink plays very well with OS X so while it lets you view and often edit documents within DT, it also will open documents in their usual applications if you want/need to. Work in your application and save as usual and DT keeps up with all the changes.

Thanks very much for taking the time to offer some help. I have mixed results with your tips, however:

This works only with videos that have been imported, and does not work with videos that have been embedded into a DTPO RTF document. Selecting a document in the document list that has an embedded video and pressing the spacebar opens a Quick View window that displays the video and textual content, and the video can be played in this window, but the player does not show the elapsed time.

This also works only with imported videos. The Open With menu for a DTPO document that contains text and an embedded video offers only text editing apps.

What I am trying to achieve is: combining the video and my notes in a single DTPO document, so that I can review the video and take time-indexed notes, without having to maintain two documents: one that contains the video, and another that contains my notes.

Embedding a video into a TextEdit RTF document exhibits the same behavior: the elapsed time is not displayed in the embedded player. So, it appears to me that this may be a limitation of the Quick Time and/or RTF frameworks (though there could be some unexploited feature?). So, barring any assistance from Devon, it appears that I cannot achieve this apparently simple result. I guess I will have to import the videos and maintain an “Annotation” document for each one, and use the tips you have suggested for viewing the videos . . . there are pros and cons for each approach (embedded or imported videos) but with your help I now understand the issue and options more thoroughly, and can get on with my work.

Thanks very much for your help, padillac.