is there way to sync a DT folder with DropBox?

I have a folder in DT Pro Office with a bunch of RTF files, that I’d like to have seamlessly synced to a DropBox folder. I’ve played around with indexing and replicating etc to a Finder folder and then using MacDropAny to sync to Dropbox, but couldn’t make this work.

Is there a way to make it happen?

You don’t need any external app to sync folders to Dropbox-just put them on Dropbox and index the folder(s) into DEVONthink. I’ve covered the topic in a post at the top of this forum, Tip: Accessing/Editing Documents Outside of DEVONthink.

Thanks, Greg. I did try out that option, but then all the links from my DT folder RTF files to my Bookends database were lost (I recovered it from Time Machine before I could make any more damage). But I’ll be checking out your post now to see where I went wrong.

Great, got it all sorted now :smiley: Thanks so much for the link.

I really love what’s possible with DT. Great great app.