Is there way to sync DTP-clipped webpages w/ browser bookmarks?

I posted a similar query on this topic a while ago, and realized that I didn’t properly explain what I was seeking…and that there might be a new, improved way of doing things since my last post…

I clip web archives in DTP since it allows me to store and organize them within certain specific projects. But I also mostly used standard web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) for internet research, and also have bookmarked certain sites for the same specific research projects. (Of course, clipping web archive in DTP seems to better data from a site, even if it is taken down / goes offline.)

Right now, I have to revert back to my DTP projects’ folders for DTP-clipped web pages and my browsers’ bookmark for these same projects.

So… Is there some way to sync my DPT-clipped web archive with my browsers’ bookmarks/folders?

If so, how?

If not, what’s another, better approach for creating some kind of syncing – or unified folder – between these DTP-clipped/stored web archives and bookmarks in my browsers’ bookmarks/folders?


Didn’t check the other browsers but at least the bookmarks of Safari aren’t scriptable, it’s only possible to add items to the reading list.

Thanks for your input. Well, there’s script that @itst put together in this post – and it seems to roughly approximate what I was asking about.

I was wondering if there was any other approaches or solutions that other users knew about or could suggest…