iSight integration

Direct note creation from iSight is a function I’ve been unable to find in DT Pro. Evernote has this feature. If DT doesn’t, as it appears, then I suggest adding it. Many notes are most efficiently created from an image. For example, I used Evernote with my iSight to memorialize and file the label of a bottle of a food product. With DT, to accomplish the same, I would have to use Photo Booth or Skitch or some such to capture an iSight image, which I could then import into DT. The extra steps are unwelcome, especially since in light of EN’s direct iSight integration.

Thanks for the suggestion, an upcoming 2.x release will probably add the possibility to take voice/video/photo notes.

Back from a long absence:
Screen shot 2010-09-03 at 15.06.31.png

You can choose the “hidden” inbox or use a more elaborate scheme to import it. Add this workflow to your script menu with a keyboard shortcut and you’re in business.

@annard: Thanks for this. Set it up and it works great!