Issue: Adding content with browser extension.

Issue: Adding content with browser extension.

When I clip url and choose pdf format import as pdf.
it will not import properly to DT

if I choose webarchive., it will
import properly as webarchive.

I would like to Import as pdf.

When I try to import as pdf (single or continuous)
I get one blank page?

If I use webarchive— no problem with these sites.

I am using:

Safari (Mac) : Version 9.0.3 (11601.4.4)

DevonThink Pro Office 2.9.11

2 examples of websites that I am having an issue with are: … resher.pdf … 130610.pdf

As well as same problem with some others:
Same issue, trying to import a pdf as a pdf to DT)

On the other hand, I can import other sites that display pdf
and will import properly to DT as pdf.

So to be more accurate: I simply want to import the pdf
document that is in the browser (the url examples)
into DT (not the website pages, etc.)

Simply put, I want to import the pdf displayed by the url
into DT as a pdf.

I can save these (my 2 url examples) outside of DT as pdf
documents by selecting:save as in Safari and downloading
them to my hard drive.

Please advise,
Thank you so much.

  1. Reboot your machine, if you haven’t recently.
  2. Using the Web Archive option doesn’t create a web archive of the PDF. It just downloads the PDF, so you can use that option.

Thank you of your prompt reply.

I am not clear on your comment in #2 of your reply

A. When I use the webarchive option
it lists the document (in DT) type as a webarchive.

B. Are you saying that even though DT
lists it as webarchive that it is actually a pdf
but does not have a pdf extension?

C. Would I be able to send this out and
have the recipient open the document
in pdf reader?

D If so, what is the difference between
importing as webarchive or pdf in
my case that I have described?

E. Please list the steps that you used to
successfully download the pdf
(from the websites I noted in my post).

When I receive your steps I will
try it on my Mac and see if I can
get it to work.

FYI: rebooting machine did not solve the issue.

Thank you

This is not the behavior you should be seeing. You should be getting a PDF.


You are describing abnormal behavior.

I opened the link in my browser. Clicked the Clip To DEVONthink extension. And clipped it as Web Archive. The only difference is I’m using Safari 10 in macOS 10.12.5, but this has always been the case with clipping a PDF loaded in a web browser.

Thank you once again for your prompt reply!

I apologize, I did not explain the issue well.

I can clip it as Web Archive, no issue.
The issue is that I would like to download it into DEVONthink as a pdf.

It is in pdf format on the site, I would like to keep it in DEVONthink
as a pdf so that in the future I could send it to others in pdf format,etc.

Is there a way to download the pdf into DEVONthink as a pdf? … resher.pdf