Issue on some RSS feeds - Some of them don't work on DT

I discovered some issues related to some RSS feeds.
Starting from the page I move the mouse to Press releases and copy the URL.

On DT, I choose Data=>New=>Feed and past the URL.
It seems working fine because I see a list of contents.
The issue is on every single content, as I explain below.

For example, I report the following URL related to specific content:

It don’t work fine on DT.
Indeed, on DT, I can see only the short description, as the image below

However, if I click on the symbol to reload the page, I see the following image:

Furthermore, if I click on the cogwheel and choose to launch URL, the browser (I tried several ones) opens a page that shows the same error I posted ahead (that one with the server error).

If I use a different RSS reader (for example, Vienna) and I click on the title, the browser opens the page, and I see it correctly.

I checked the item URLs, and they are different;
On DT, the URL is:
On Vienna, the URL is:

As you can see, after the domain, on DT, the beginning part is “eng%23%”, while on Vienna is “eng#%”.

Why? Is there anything I am wrong with?
Is there a solution?
I appreciate any help you can provide.

%23 is probably the URL encoding of #

But an anchor in an RSS feed looks weird to me.

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I want to add that if I click on a specific item, I see on the right side, under info=>URL, the correct URL, which is - related to my previous post -{“itemid”:[“003-7543834-10361882”]}.
See the image below

If I use that URL, I can see the webpage correctly.
So, why in the URL bar, do I see a different wrong URL?

The URLs returned by this feed are not properly escaped and DEVONthink’s percent escaping wasn’t compatible to this server. The next release will support this.

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Thank you.
Can you tell me when the next release is planned?

We don’t announce release dates, I’m afraid, but most likely in Q1.

Ok. Thank you

Throwing the feed (“Press releases”) at the W3C validator ( reveals several problems. Which is not really astonishing, given that also the CJEU regularly messes up its RSS data. One would think that the EU and its institutions were able to find knowledgeable staff…

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Biting my tongue :rofl:

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No comment :joy:

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Seriously: you should tell them about the problem. They’re bound to adhere to standards, and they shouldn’t be publishing non-standard RSS feeds.

I can do that, but do you think they really listen to their technical advisors or me?
I will try…

I had (limited) success with the CJEU once. If no one tells them, they can’t fix it.

As they say, ”It’s definitely a ‘No’, if you don’t ask.” :slight_smile:

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I wrote to the ECHR.

I’ll wait for their reply.

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