Issue to Re-Build External Drive

I have a folder on an external drive. I indexed that folder to start a database. I removed the external drive. I reindexed the database. The database ends up empty.

  • Is this to be expected?
  • If so, should I have been given a warning?

–> The source for the re-index is no longer available. Do you really want to proceed with the re-indexing?


What does this mean; “I reindexed the database”?

Pardon me. What I did was REBUILD the database without the external drive attached.

Yes, I got the warning. And then there was … nothing.

And even after I reconnect the external drive … nothing.

I have to go back and re-index the source folder (yes, here I mean … select it again to index).

  • Should it be expected this way?
  • Should I get a warning?

–> The source folder for the operation to rebuild is missing. Do you really want to proceed?



Not unless you ran a Tools > Verify & Repair.

Yes. A Rebuild would remove all missing files.

However, when the drive is mounted again, the location should resolve. It’s possible the drive mounted with a different name, like myDrive 1, in which case, the absolute path would not be resolved. Check /Volumes.


My frustration is that we are issued the same standard warning even when the outcomes are dramatically different and the dangerous option could likely have been detected in advance. :cry:

–> This operation rebuilds your database. (rest of standard warning) Do you want to proceed?
–> The source to rebuild the database is missing or invalid. A rebuild operation will result in an empty database. Do you want to proceed?

This mounts specifically at /Volumes/Workspace as a folder inside that volume.

It does not just simply resolve. I have to index the data folder again. Only then do I get back the indexed file list.


I’m curious as to why you disconnected the drive then did a Rebuild.

Because I could.

Edit: It does not matter against the strength of my concern. It may have been accidental. It may have been ignorance. It may have been to test the fail safe of DTP before I commit (and in truth, it was somewhat this Maxwell’s demon in me).