Issue with blog post: How to Use Tabbed Windows

I followed the instructions

choose Always in System Preferences > General > Prefer tabs … when opening documents

and then I tried File->New Window and it did not work.
It was like before where a completely new window would get open and not a tab.

What am I missing?



Which macOS version and which DEVONthink version do you use?

I have the same issue. I can’t get DEVONThink to use tabbed windows. I can only open new windows. No matter if I try to open a new window with hot keys or vie the menu bar.

Even in full screen mode DEVONThink opens a new window instead of a tab.

Intel MacBook Pro 2020
macOS Big Sur 11.1
Devonthink 3.6.1

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Same configuration as @rvantome

macOS Big Sur 11.1
Devonthink 3.6.1



et al:
This tip was older and pertained to older version of macOS. It does not work with newer versions of macOS.

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…and I’m on Catalina and assumed it wasn’t working for me since I wasn’t on Big Sur…