Issue with Global Inbox

Hi all-

I apologize if this has been dealt with already.

I had some problems with the “Inbox” group disappearing in the Global Inbox, and so I exported everything from Inbox.dtbase2, deleted it, created a new one, and then imported the exported files. I’ve got the Inbox group back.

Now, when I save a file from another application (there may be other situations) by selecting the Inbox in the File save dialog, the file is saved to the root of the Global Inbox instead of the “Inbox” group of the Global Inbox.

So, two questions:

  1. Is this the correct behavior? I seem to remember that saving to the Global Inbox put documents into the Inbox group, not the root of the database.

  2. If this isn’t the correct behavior, then any suggestions how to fix it? I’ve thought about deleting the Inbox folder from Application Support and reinstalling, but thought I’d ask here first.

Many thanks in advance!


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For me, all files saved using the Bookmarklets or services goes into the inbox of “Globals”. So it seems to be #2 of your questions that needs addressing.

I can’t help beyond that - hopefully the ninjas will know what to suggest. But there does seem to be something wrong with your setup.

As I recall, files dragged or saved to the “Inbox” place in the Finder do go to the root level of Global Inbox.

Same here, if I’m interpreting you correctly. File > Database Properties… (Control-Command-P) shows its Location as:

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox.dtBase2

You can also see the location in the help text when hovering over that Inbox under GLOBALS in the sidebar.

The Global Inbox doesn’t have an “Inbox” group, unlike regular databases. Vanilla, it’s just itself and its Tags group.

Hi all-

Thanks for your help, although korm gets extra thanks for being so clear in his reply.

My next issue is deleting the Inbox group that I have in my Inbox database: it’s not amenable to a simple delete. :frowning:

Via applescript, maybe?

Best wishes, Charles

Move everything in the Global Inbox database to a new, temporary database. Uninstall DTPO completely. Reinstall. You should get a new clean instance of the Global Inbox database.

Using phasers is easier than scripting.

Yup, it is the Global Inbox, and it can contain groups.

Yup, but …

App reinstallation seem drastically unnecessary to fix this. I’m curious why you suggest it.

Most Global Inbox problems can be cleared up by Quitting DT Pro/Office and the Sorter. Then locate and move to the Trash the folder named “DEVONthink Sorter” at ~/Library/Application Support/.

Then run Help > Install Add-ons.

If that doesn’t do it, repeat that operation (but hold off on Install-Add-ons) and then also locate and move to the trash the file named “Inbox.dtbase” at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/. (Of course, first move any useful content out of Global Inbox, firsst.) Now Launch DT Pro/Office and run Help > Install Add-ons.