Issue with inbox not syncing

I’ve got DT3 3.6.3 on a mac running big sur.
Its syncing a number of databases using cloudkit.

On my ipad an iphone they are running DTG 3.0.5 syncing via cloudkit.

The problem is when I add a new document to an inbox on my iphone or ipad, the doc syncs to the iphone & ipad, but not to the mac…

I note that the inbox on the mac shows more items that are shown in the inbox, and when I do ‘database properties’ the option to ‘rebuild’ is grayed out. I did a File->Verify&Repair, and it verified…

I suspect this broke this back when I did the dt2 → dt3 upgrade, since I’ve not been doing anything directly into the inboxes since then…

How should I repair the mac inbox to get it to sync?

I do not have bonjour enabled, but I did in the past. Once I get the inbox syncing, Is it ok to have both bonjour and cloudkit enabled?

Yes, it’s ok to have both Bonjour and Cloudkit enabled. Because of it’s speed compared to Cloudkit (remote servers and large network involved), Bonjour (local direct connection) does most the work first leaving my cloud sync less to do. Maybe get Bonjour working to see if it clears the issue. Remember to “accept incoming” on only one device (Mac is best).

Also double check that on the Inbox is checked “on” to sync.