Issue with Mail Tags

Many of you will be aware that Small Cubed are struggling to get Mojave-compatible versions of their software out. In the latest version of Mail Tags, they seem to have abandoned Mac Finder tags with the consequence that tags on e-mail messages are not imported with messages. For those of us who use smart folders to manage access to archived e-mails this is quite a problem.

I have two questions:

Will DEVONthink be able to support Mail Tags’ current tagging system?
Are there good alternatives (tagging software or e-mail clients) which will support import of tags?

Grateful for any thoughts.


The latest version isn’t supported yet but it’s planned for future releases.

That’s good to hear, any thoughts about alternatives?


We are unaware of what apps may use MailTags new method. I would suggest checking with them to see if there are any known adopters.

I wasn’t thinking about Mail Tag’s method.
I was wondering if anyone knew of any other software with which I could tag e-mail messages (preferably using Open Meta tags which I believe are pretty widely recognised).


No. MailTags was the only one trying to fill this space.
PS: Since the kids like them, you may see hashtags as an option, but those are propietary to the apps and not tags.

Sadly not a kid any more

old git!

I’m not in the age bracket to think hashtags are “cool” or “real metadata” either. :open_mouth:
Actually, I’m not even in the age bracket to comfortably use the term “hashtag” - Hahaha! :mrgreen:

On the Windows side, there is an program called “SimplyTag” by TechHit. This works well and uses categories for tagging Office 365 or Exchange email messages. On the Mac side, MailTags is the only solution of which I’m aware.

Can you give us a general idea when we can expect compatibility between DTP and MailTags? My email workflow is based on the integration of these two; and now I feel I need to re-evaluate the whole thing. I’m not excited about making changes…


Hey there,

any updates on this manner?
What I experienced with Mojave and DT3.0.1 is, that tags are being transfered into DT, but only when I chose “Import into DevonThink3” in Apple Mail. When using the shipped DT-applescripts within a rule, the emails are being imported, but the tags are not included.

Any chance to add this feature somehow?

The scripts don’t support this as the necessary information isn’t available, it’s not part of the emails.

…it’s not part of the emails.

So those are two different methods of a similar procedere? Because both methods import the email into DT, right? But only one procedere transfers the tags. And the tags are not able being transfered into DT when using applescript? Am I getting this right? And there is no other way?

Technically these are completely different methods, only the integrated one uses the Mail plugin and can that way retrieve the necessary information.

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I see. Than I have to think of a different way of getting the tags from Mail into DT. Thanks for the respond.