Issues with google docs

I am trying out DTPO and am running into some hurdles with Google Docs. My company and I do all of our work in them so its a showstopper for me if I can’t get them to work. I’m wondering if folks have thoughts/insights on how to try and make this work because it seems close (and really useful if I can get it to work).

My main goal is to get the bookmark and text into DTPO so it can indexed and auto-classified. If I could actually edit them inside DTPO that would be an added bonus, but I could go without that.

If I add them with just a bookmark they seem to work most of the time, but then I don’t have the text for indexing/classification.

If I add them as HTML I am seeing some weirdness using them including the following.

The biggest problem is I see the following error each time I click on an item. The document seems usable though. Is there any way to get more information on this or at least turn off JS warnings?

The 2nd problem is that they grab focus from the DTPO document list (I asked about this in a different thread because its not docs specific - do it also).

The 3rd problem I am seeing is that its indexing words that are not actually in the doc. I assume its pulling them from some non-visible part of the web page. Examples:
lookup, policy, done, start, 683, Account

Any thoughts?


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So, you are using Google Docs with Google’s web interface, I assume? You can bookmark them, as you see, but you’ll never “get … text into DTPO” that way. DEVONthink’s classify technology does not search the content of bookmarked sites.

Limitations or errors in viewing Google Docs in a DEVONthink browser window are Google’s limitations (or, “security features”, depending on how you want to look at it).

I work on teams that share documents through Google Drive. My approach was to install the Google Drive app on my Mac so that I can access my personal Google Drive. My library is located at ~/UserName/Google Drive. My collaborators share folders from their accounts, and those shared folders also appear in my Google Drive folder. I index those folders and that’s that. I can “see also”, read, and edit them like any other indexed document. (DON"T move your indexed Drive documents from inside DEVONthink.)

You still don’t get the text into them that way though, right? Since google drive just syncs a placeholder file on to the local drive (it doesn’t contain the content).

With the bookmark approach I described I actually am getting the words, but I am getting extra words as well. If I could only work around the JS error.

Looks like content to me. Can be edited, Previewed, etc.

Korm – can you give details on how you are setting this up? I’d like to index Google Docs file within DTPO but haven’t been able to thru the web interface to Docs. As per your suggestion, I installed Google Drive on my Mac, and indexed the directory (~/Google Drive) in DTPO. All my Docs files are there, but each is just a short pointer to the remote Docs file. Within DTPO, they show up as:

{“url”: “…”}

What are you doing to see the text of the documents within DT?


I’m thinking korm was actually using non-Google docs like Word or text. So he really was using Google Drive, not Google Docs…