Item Count Different in Mac iPhone n iPad?

Why is the item count for my Global Inbox different in my iPhone and iPad and my Inbox on my Mac is different from either of them?

I have deleted caches as instructed in the help menu for iOS. That hasn’t fixed it.

This makes me think my data is not syncing correctly.

Any help will be appreciated.

I’m no expert but are you syncing all the same databases? On my phone, I don’t sync several of my databases

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I am talking about databases I’m syncing to all three devices. I just can’t figure out why the item count for each device on the same synced database is always different no matter what I do. Makes me think the syncing isn’t complete. Part of the problem is, I can’t find a crystal clear description of what the item count means in each situation. It should mean the same thing in my POV, but apparently it means something slightly different in each situation.

The next release of DEVONthink To Go will revise this to improve the consistency. In addition, the item counts are not immediately updated like on the Mac (e.g. after synchronizing) but should be after a small delay.

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Thank you. Knowing that saves me time and worry. Very helpful. I look forward to the next update.