Item link for special folders

I’m looking for a way to quickly open flagged or favorite folders in DTTG outside the app. Documents and folders can be opened with the unique document URL link.

AFAIK the special folders don’t have a document link that one can copy-paste. Or is there? Any other way to open a special folder with a URL scheme?

I am not seeing any issue getting the item link from special folders in DEVONthink To Go.

It’s not possible to get a link to Smart Groups, but I’ve not had an issue with Special or normal groups.

Argh, of course. Flagged and favs are Smart Groups. My bad! :woozy_face:

Nevertheless: no way to open them with a URL-scheme initiated outside DTTG?

Something along the line of: x-devonthink-item://flagged

Sorry, but no the smart groups aren’t accessible via URL scheme. The request is noted though.

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