Item links added to RTF metadata fields no longer shown in Links inspector


I’m encountering a weird issue, where all of a sudden item links added to RTF custom metadata fields no longer show up in the Links inspector (incoming & outgoing)

Not sure what to make of this, as it was definitely working. Cross-links added in the text of markdown items do get shown in the Links inspector as expected.

// Edit: I just noticed that links added to Annotations also don’t show in the inspector.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior on DT Pro 3.7.2?

The outgoing section includes only links of the document’s content but not of custom metadata. But the linked documents should show some incoming links.

So… a simple user error then on my side. Thanks for clarifying.

I really thought I had seen those links displayed in the outgoing links inspector, but apparently this was wishful thinking :wink: In any case, the links do show in the Incoming Links box of those items they towards.

It’s probably not essential to display custom metadata links in the outgoing links. However, due to there being several different mechanisms through which to add links (in-line, annotations, RTF metadata, etc), perhaps it could be useful to have a full overview all in one place.