Item Links Differ on Synced RSS Feed

If I save an Item Link and try to retrieve the item on a different Mac synced to the same database, generally it works.

However, if the item is an RSS Feed entry, then the item links are different on the two Macs and thus the item link from one does not work on the other. Presumably each Mac retrieves the item from the RSS feed and assigns an Item Link before the Sync occurs; then the Sync likely assumes the item is already there and thus the Item Links are never the same.

Is there a way to fix this so the RSS feed item links work on either computer?

That’s correct, as RSS items (or also tags and indexed items) can be created on multiple devices, the sync has to merge them again. The only workaround coming to my mind would be to move the news from the RSS feed to a dedicated group and to create the item link afterwards.

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Remember: The RSS feed is not a group. It has the appeareance of one, but it’s a live item, refreshing on a schedule, so the same feed on two different machines is operating independently. This means the contents of one feed can’t fill the feed of the other.

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Most important corollary - I frequently put RSS items on my “Reading List.”

The Reading List is now synced - which is great. But it seems that if I use Computer 1 to place an item on the Reading List, the items appears on the Computer 2 reading list but the link does not work.

So it seems as if to resolve this I should have the RSS feed on only one of the computers and then set up a smart rule to move the items to a regular group? Then that regular group will sync properly to both computers?

if I use Computer 1 to place an item on the Reading List

Is “an item” an RSS article?

Yes, you could use a smart rule to move things to a group, and yes that group should sync to the other machine.

This sounds like a bug of the sync and should be fixable.

Anyother possibility is also to (automatically) refresh feeds only on one computer so that the other computer receives updates only via sync.

That would be an excellent solution if I can get it to work.

I set “check for updates” to manual under RSS preferences on one of the computers. That stops new RSS entries from appearing, but the RSS feed “group” is not updated by sync from the other computer either.

What kind of sync location do you use? I’ve been using such a setup for a long time without any issues.


Is the item count of the feed identical? Is anything else in the database synchronized?

Item count has always been close but not identical on the RSS feeds

Everything else syncs fine on a set of several large databases

And the item count does never change? New items aren’t marked as unread anymore probably if you’ve already read them on the other computer.

Currently the count never changes

When I had the rss updating the counts changed regularly

And the difference of the item counts of both computers gets larger?


One computer keeps adding items as expected with a rising item count

The other computer just stays unchanged

And manually synchronizing both computers doesn’t make a difference? In that case I’d suggest to verify the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) and to check Windows > Log too.

It verifies fine - that is the only item in the log

Even though the sync store and individual database verified, I tried Cleaning the database on the sync page. That worked - the syncing has resumed

A clean can often clear up sync issues.