Item list loses focus after Move

When I am clearing my Global Inbox, I go through the item one by one in the Item List. Once I ‘processed’ the item, I will move the item to the respective database by using Control-Command-M.

After the item (say the top one) was moved, the second in the list becomes the top one. But it loses focus. I have to move the mouse to click on the top item again.

This behaviour is unlike the Delete key. If I find the item no longer needed, I will just press the Delete key. The item will be removed from the list. The focus remains in the Item List on the top one. This allows me to go through the Global Inbox one item at a time.

Can we have the Control-Command-M shortcuts behave like the Delete key?

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Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases. In the meantime the See Also & Classify inspector might be an option as it automatically selects the next item after classifying (and supports searching on demand too)

I am still new to DT. Haven’t used See Also & Classify. I have a quick look at it.It seems to focus on Groups.

I rarely use Groups. I mainly use Tags. So, it is not helpful for me to move to the respective Groups. I simply want to move to the respective databases.

In fact, when I “processed” the item in the Global Inbox, I either Delete it or I tag it with the respective Tags. Then I move (via Control-Command-M) to the respective databases.

Looking forward to future releases to have this feature.

Moving an item to a tag does not move the file to the tag and store it there. It merely applies the tag to the file in-place.

I am not moving to Tags. I tag the item individually with the respective Tags. Then I move it (via Control-Command-M) to the respective databases.