Item list loses focus often to preview

When using keyboard navigation in the item list, frequently (but inconsistently) focus moves to the preview browser window.

The keyboard focus should not switch to the browser preview when navigating the item list using the keyboard IMO. At minimum it should be consistent, always or never switch focus.

I could work around this if there was a keyboard short cut to return focus to the item list.
I tried to find keyboard short cut to move back to the item list but was unsuccessful. Where in the docs can i find that?

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Welcome @rovrevik

Help > Documentation > Appendix > Keyboard Shortcuts > Windows.

It’s Control-Tab and Shift-Control-Tab, though I should amend the documentation to specify the Shift key to reverse cycle through the elements.


Well there it is in the docs that I was looking at. Thanks for getting my essays to focus on the right part.
That does address the need for a less painful work around.

I am still thinking that the focus should not change.

Do you know with what kind of documents this happens? I guess it‘s HTML. If so then the devs can‘t change that.