Item type for references

I want to save the document type for each file stored in the reference group. There are several ways to do this. One is to create subgroups for each type of resource; For example, books, scientific articles, reports, etc. Another way is to use tags. The third method can be to use custom fields. Given that the use of document type is sometimes used; In my opinion, the use of subgroups prolongs the workflow. But between the second and third methods, I do not know which method is better in the long run and is more compatible with automation scripts.Does anyone have experience in this field. Is there a fourth solution?

I use a custom metadata for this.

  • An item can only be of one document type, so using tags Wouldnt enforce this.
  • I display it as a column in list views and use tags for other purposes, thus using tags wouldnt fit.

with this scenario, can you filter only one document type in DTTG?
Also with automation scripts, is it handy?

Using custom MD is better for scripting, smart groups and smart rules imho. But it does not show up in DTTG.

how about embedding to pdf metadata?

No clue.

No you can’t filter document types in DEVONthink To Go.

Also, you could add keywords to a PDF (if you have permissions on the PDF) in DEVONthink’s Document > Properties inspector.

How can I add custom fields to pdf properties, like DOI.

Are you running the Pro edition of DEVONthink?

Yes. Version 3.0.1.

The latest version is 3.5.2.

So, if I upgrade to latest version, changing pdf properties is a native feature?

Changing PDF properties is possible since version 2 but requires a visible preview pane (as the document is basically modified).

I can only add data to available fields. How can I add custom field for example DOI field, to pdf properties?

PDF properties can’t be extended but you can use custom metadata (see Info > Custom inspector and Preferences > Data). This requires the Pro edition of DEVONthink 3.