"items left to be uploaded" log

Yes. I have more than 2 in the list.

Are these indexed items? Are you able to download them?

For the community: I just had the same problem. The search, Item:Pending, found no documents; but emptying the trash did seem to fix it.


Bringing this up again, I am having trouble syncing because I have “items to be uploaded” messages.
I have emptied the trash, created smart groups and also looked in the toolbar for pending items, but there are none.
I have verified my databases. But still not able to sync to my local sync store location.

Should I start a help ticket as well, or can this be worked out here?

  • Are you indexing content?
    • If so, are you indexing from a mounted volume, e.g., a networked drive or external hard drive?
      • If so, is that volume mounted?

I am indexing files from Obsidian and Zotero, but they are on the same disk. And, there is nothing in their respective trash boxes either.

Perhaps do a “verify” on the sync location? Also see page 185 (version 3.8.5) of the “DEVONthink Manual” for more ideas about trouble shooting sync issues which I don’t need to repeat here.

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Yes, this helped. Thank you.
I am really hopeless with these things. Such a simple solution.


Today I’ve experienced this same problem (again). This time on a fresh install of DT on a new Mac.

It seems that the problem occurs when (in my case) pdf files are stored to DTTG. Maybe when it’s locked in the background and the share sheet entry is used, instead of using Save to files. What I do know is that these pdf files aren’t corrupted on the mobile device, as I can view them over there, but they don’t get synced ‘properly’ to other instances of DT and/or DTTG. Yes, the do get synced, but corrupted.

The workaround is: duplicating the source file on DTTG and wait for the sync. After that the copy becomes available on other devices, too. It also seems that generating the file icon was previously interrupted and/or the source file wasn’t indexed properly. So it’s synced, but it isn’t viewable on other devices.

  • So you’re clipping web sites as PDF with DEVONthink To Go closed, then syncing to the Mac?
  • What version of DEVONthink To Go are you running?