Items list: Default sort order

By default, the items list is sorted by name. But I rather would like to sort my items by date created. Is there a way to change the default sort order?

(This has been asked many times, but I could not find an answer.)

Right click on one of the columns and you can choose which columns you do or do not want displayed (including date create). Then click on the name of that column and you can choose to sort ascending or descending by that column.

Or choose View/Sort

Thank you very much for the detailed answer.

Does that change the default sort order for all other groups? If not, is that possible to do?

Just for that group

No, there is no default sort order at this time.

just making sure: that option is still missing, right? searching for it myself now. any workarounds? the best i could come up with is using the list view and never open a group but always just expand it. that way one only has to set the sort setting in the root of every database.