Items randomly flagged

I have just started using flags to mark a few items for a to do list (which I collect with a smart folder), though when I opened DT this morning, what had been a short list of around 5 items, has jumped up to 285. I cannot see any pattern in the newly flagged items which are spread across multiple groups, but not necessarily including all items in any one group.

Last time I was using DT, I upgraded to 2.9.16 and also created a sync with Dropbox. I just wanted this as another back up and do not access DT from any other computer. It does seem to have flagged the tags group which accounts for most of the 285, but even if I take this flag off, there are still other errant flags remaining.

I have tried running verify and repair which came up with two missing files but nothing else.

Any suggestions?

What are the “few items” – documents you created (text, RTF) – or documents you imported or indexed – or tags – or items in an RSS feed? Or something else.

Is your database stored in Dropbox?

What is the search predicate defined in the smart search?

Not enough info here to understand the background.

The items I initially flagged were a few PDFs (imported), along with some rich text documents. There is little else in my database so I think that covers it (I can’t locate the specific documents now since I can no longer identify them amidst all the other items that have been flagged). I do not have any RSS feeds, and I hadn’t flagged any tags.

The database is synced to Drop Box via the preferences, not saved to it. The DB is stored on a local drive.

Every single tag was flagged, although if I removed the flag from the Tags group, some other groups still had flags. These groups would display a flag, or the hyphen for some flagged items but this did not necessarily tally with the contents of the group. i.e. groups shown as flagged did not necessarily have all contained items flagged, and some groups showing the hyphen had no contained items flagged. I had initially wondered whether I might have just accidentally clicked the Tags group as flagged since this would have explained most of the behaviour, but this does not account these other groups.


There’s nothing automatic in v2 that would flag documents inadvertently, and the keyboard shortcut for “Mark > As Flagged” is a bit obscure though on some keyboards it can inadvertently be invoked when trying to use “K” as part of a numeric key set.

At this point I think you just watch and see what happens – see if the phenomenon reasserts itself and try to determine why.