Items that don’t open in DTTG

While I am very happy and ready to subscribe (“take my money!”) to the new DTTG, I wanted to point out an annoyance that has, for me, been present since as long as I have been using the early versions.

Even after selecting “Keep All”, there are still several little notes that are not accessible and do not become accessible, and all I see is a grayed out text as shown in the attached image.

Any clues on why this is happening or a reassurance that this is a known issue of some sort, is appreciated.

  • Are the files missing in the database in DEVONthink?
  • Is there anything reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log?
  • Is there a triangle on the sync icon in DEVONthink To Go’s bottom toolbar? If so, touch it and tell me what it reports.
  • No, I can see them just fine in DT3, on my laptop
  • In Window → Log, I see the relevant database show up as Successfully verified
  • The sync icon shows as a grayed-out cloud outline, no triangle.

That means the sync location is unreachable or offline at the moment of you’re viewing a document on an iPhone.

Hmm, thanks for the clarification. Now I’m wondering how anything is syncing at all (or maybe it’s just this database?)

I will try deleting and re-creating the sync setup on my phone.

Does that mean if I sync with Bonjou, I can’t access the files when i was off from the same wi-fi evironment ?
If I sync with icloud, is the condition the same?

Bonjour is just an Apple-specific networking protocol which runs over Wifi or a wire. If the files don’t get to your other device(s) by whatever networking protocols (and many are involved no matter which one you chose), then on those devices those files won’t be seen or up to date. Syncing is not a mechanism for the device running DEVONthink or DEVONthink ToGo to reach out across the network to see remote files. DEVONthink only looks in the local device.

So … make sure your synching is working.

Thanks for your reply.
Does it mean If I want to acsess my file anywhere away my local network I should change the setting of ‘Download files’ to ‘Always’. It will occupy the storage of my iphone?

If you’re using a Bonjour sync, you must have the syncing devices in the same network. So you wouldn’t be able to use a shallow sync and download contents in demand unless you were on the same network that allowed Bonjour traffic.

A remote sync method, like iCloud, could be used when you’re off your network.

Thank you.

In summary, I have to sync by icloud, etc. if I want to use my file off my local network.
Are the files still seamlessly synced if I sync by both Bonjour and icloud at the same time?

You would need to use a remote sync option if you want to download contents on demand when off your network.

And sync is designed to allow for a Bonjour and a remote sync option to be used to sync a database.

To get back on my sync issue:

  • I set up a fresh CloudKit sync
  • Got an error message about “not downloaded fully to local device” warning, which I ignored, but which does explain the previous behavior
  • Now, for the same note, I see the grayed out outline with a little solid gray triangle on the top-right
  • I can click on the download (though I did select “download always” when I set up the sync, which doesn’t explain why it wasn’t downloaded anyway
  • Clicking on the blue text starts a “spinner” but … no dice
  • perhaps there’s a long-lived operation going on the background, but there’s no clue about this, and the net result, for me is a tiny bit of frustration about not being able to access something on my phone when I want to.
  • (In some sense, this is okay, I’ve learned to treat my DTTG more as an “ingestion device”, and for the must-have use case, I’m not completely isolated from my laptop, where I can go look up what I need to, but still … some future scope for improvement, imo)

Edit: attached a screenshot of what this looks like.

Let me share my final framework.

I have three Apple devices, MacBookPro, Mac mini, and iPhone. I have to sync files seamlessly between these devices. I have 3TB of dropbox but only 200GB of iCloud.

Therefore, I arrange Dropbox as my file storage warehouse and indexed files into Devonthink.

I synced the Devonthink database to dropbox with the content of indexed files. My iPhone was synced to this location to make sure the files can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
In another way, I also synced the database to icloudKit without the content of indexed files. I synced my Mac mini to this location.

There is the same Dropbox files system in my Mac mini and these files were automatically indexed after I synced the database of Devonthink from icloudkit.

These setting fixed my problem to sync files between three devices without creating duplicates. Now,It worked nicely.

there is my ariticle about this framework. Though, it was written in Mandarin

Dropbox + Devonthink

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Nice. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I tried more steps here:

  • Uninstalled the app
  • Re-installed the app
  • Set retention to Always

But I still get the behavior of certain items “just not downloading locally”, though I can see them clearly on my MacBook.

No clue yet :frowning_face:

RFTD files?

Well, I don’t know how to fix this.

The files are a mix of PDFs and JPGs. I click on the Download link in the center, I see the spinner, and then it goes back to being how it was earlier.

Please start a support ticket so we can get the logs and info. Thanks.