iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, etc.


Have been enjoying Devonthink since 2008. Am increasingly curious about Devonsphere express. Is it possible to add the library files for iTunes, iPhoto, etc. to the search index and have metadata included such that if I have an iPhoto album with photos associated to a project they would show up in DSE’s search results when I’m working on a Pages file for the same project?

iPhoto hides data from many apps and the Keywords only apply on export so you can’t find them with DEVONsphere. Images outside iPhoto can be found by filename, as can audio files by filename.

Remember, like DEVONthink, DEVONsphere excels at text-based data. Non-text files are generally going to be filename matches, not content or metadata.

Grab a trial.

Thank you for the quality response. That is unfortunate about iPhoto, etc.

If the photo and other files in libraries are exported to “regular” files (.jpeg, .mov, etc.) is there a place to see what metadata is used by DSE so one’s workflow can produce higher quality search results?