Javascript Error on all Google Sheets

Hello 'thinkers.

I get the following error on load on EVERY SINGLE GOOGLE SHEET i use… and I use a lot of them. Note that the error shows up in DT and then again in the Google Sheets interface.

Can anyone advise me how to address this issue? Is there way to clear the browsing cache or ‘reset’ somehow. I am at a total loss and its seriously affecting my DT use. :cry: :gun:

Note: I should be clear.

a) i tried the menu>empty cache function in Devonthink 3
b) it does not happen with google DOCS, only their spreadsheets

many thanks wise persons!

Can you open the sheets in Safari? If so, can you afterwards please also open Safari’s developer tools and see if it reports any errors (white-on-red exclamation mark on the left in the toolbar)?

Background:DT relies on the same JavaScript engine as Safari. Also, Google is notorious for „improving“ web standards in a long rider way…

chrillek you are a wise man or woman. i think i did what you asked, take a look. it’s a red exclamation mark party :frowning:

what does all of this mean?

Thanks for the praise – I’m simply old, thus experienced and used to systematic bug hunting.

The first six lines refer to a setting in the content security policy of the document that is non-standard:

Just as I supposed: Google again “improving” something, implementing it, and causing grief for the rest of the world (aka non-Chrome browsers). As you can see, it is currently only implemented by Chrome-based browsers, not by Firefox or Safari.

The “sourcemap” errors below shouldn’t be a problem, though. They’re not nice, but the sourcemap is not required.

However, I think that there might be other errors below the ones you posted – these are not referring to JavaScript at all.

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Ha. Well thank you “old” man! you’re still saving my ass. Any wisdom from your oldness is much appreciated! (Not that young myself.)


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Seems that all the other errors are related to missing sourcemaps. Those should not cause trouble in Webkit.

Perhaps @cgrunenberg can shed some light on the “A server error occured” message, as it is displayed by DT. In the meantime, I’d suggest opening the Google sheets with another Browser, preferably Chrome.

Hello AGain! Hmmm… I will do that. Bummer. Otherwise DT is flawless. I can open bookmarks fine, but i guess DT is not indexing the content of the bookmark, which makes it useless. :man_shrugging: Do I need to post this somewhere for @cgrunenberg or will he see this when he’s tagged?

Thank you!!! Danke! Dekuji!!!

DEVONthink just shows the error but the error (including its message) is triggered by JavaScript. Which version of macOS do you use? Does disabling the advertisement filter in Preferences > Web make a difference?

Hi c, thanks so much for the help.

So i disabled several things (see screenshot) and it did not help. Also I am running Monterey 12,5. Should I update?

Not saying it will solve this particular issue, but you should always stay current with the operating system and our point releases. The last maintenance release of Monterey is 12.7.1.

PS: Are you intentionally accepting cookies Always instead of Only from sites you navigate to ?

There is, BTW, a whole thread at Google on this issue. I suggest that you talk to Google about the issue as it does not seem to generate from DT (nor Safari, BTW):

And there is

What a crap – they have this problem since at least 2019? And I thought Apple was bad at fixing bugs.


thank you so much and thank you @BLUEFROG .

  • i have adjusted the cookie settings
  • I will update to the newest MacOS now

and if that doesn’t solve it

  • i will write the evil Google behemoth

Also, a last thought… if nothing works, any sense in reinstalling DT? or is that silliness?

Thanks all!

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No. Yes.

My usual answer would be that re-installing is illogical. If the program has a fault, it will not become fault-free by re-installing. If it has no fault, why re-install it? But I’ve learned meanwhile that programs tend to leave faulty stuff lying around occasionally. And that might get cleaned up by a re-install. Not in this case, though: The fault is not on your side, nor on DT’s.