JavaScript libraries absolute path issue.

A basic latex markdown file

Slope Formula


this works but as soon as I move the MathJax folder and use the path
or to the database root dir

It fails to render.
(both ways work on IOS version however the iOS version needs some kind of font fix and has a processing error after displaying for a short time) -rendering fixed in iOS 11 DEV b2

Other than that issue, 2.9.13 is an amazing update.

Does this script load additional scripts?

Yes it does.

For a quick striped version of mathjax, use the folder in marked 2. You will want to remove a few things from the git version unless you want to sync over 38k files.

And does your database only contain this script or additional ones too?

Its more like a collection of scrips. It is a JavaScript display engine for LaTeX, MathML, and AsciiMath.

For all intents and purposes, yes this is the only script/scripts in the database.

Could you send a small, zipped example database to cgrunenberg - at - Then I’ll check this. Thanks!

email sent.

Can you expand on how you are working with your own copy of mathjax and devonthink?

Are the mathjax files in a devonthink database? Or local to your machine?

What about IOS?

I’ve sent support a question about this. The reply was use mathjax on a web server. Unfortunately I often work without internet access for weeks at a time. While I could use something like marked, I’d rather exist solely in the Devonthink environment.


Thanks, the next maintenance release will support this.