Javascript Script Tag Ignored in DPO

I would like to use DPO to store and display HTML files containing Javascript.

This page shows sample HTML embed code and the expected output. But when I paste the code into DPO, the Script is ignored so the photo and some other content does not appear.

I have enabled Javascript in DPO Settings-Web

Any idea why this does not work? … index.html

The content showed up when I refreshed the HTML page I had captured.

This is what the content should look like: … 9.png?dl=0

But this is what I actually see in DPO: … 9.png?dl=0

Are you seeing something different? What might I be doing wrong?

I opened this page - … index.html - in Firefox and clipped it to DTPO as an HTML page.

The content is not all shown but when I refresh the page, I see this…

You are looking at my web app where I gather the embed code: … index.html

If you copy the embed code from this example and paste it into as HTML code, the output shows as it should - there is a photo with a caption and link below it.

But if you take the same embed code and copy it instead into an HTML page in DPO, only the pure HTML works, not the script. Thus the image does not show and the formatting overall is wrong.

How do I get DPO to show the same output as jsbin?

The HTML page has probably neither a BASE tag nor a URL but is using a relative link to access the script (// Just replace it with and it should work.

That solved it! Many thanks