Jiggery zooming with trackpads in DEVONthink's viewer


I already posted the following videos to the Twitter account of DEVONthink, but since I’m sure if it was received by the development team, I’m posting them again here.


As you can see in the videos, unless I have a problem with both the Magic Trackpad on my Mac Pro and the integrated trackpad on my MacBook Pro, the zooming process is jiggery at best, while it works as a charm in OS X Preview.

(This explains some of my previous questions: this is why I use Preview and why the internal lock is not sufficient to protect my documents.)

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Yes, I notified Development of the issue.

Hello Jim,

Any news? Has the dev team been able to reproduce the issue?
Do they need me to run any debug version of DT?

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No news. The issue was reported. I’m not sure if it will be fixed in the next maintenance release or not as I don’t have access to their radar.

Alright, thanks for your answer, let me know when you get any news. :slight_smile: