JPEG picture annotation

In DT 3, when I capture a selection of my screen, I would like to create some annotations on the newly created JPEG file. I can add a square, oval, text etc., but t is for me unusable, because:

  1. I cannot delete the added element even immediately after inserting
  2. When I save the picture, all added graphics elements are merged into the JPEG picture producing a flatten image file.

Annotation images do not work like PDF annotations. Any idea?

Annotation images do not work like PDF annotations.

That is correct. Annotating an image is not like annotating a PDF.

The annotations can be moved, modified, and removed until the document is saved, even if that’s navigating away from the document for a moment.

You will find the same behavior in Preview and even most screen capture utilities. (This isn’t Photoshop! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you for your quick response.

Can you explain the meaning of the actions/icons Select and Move in the editor’s toolbar?

Screen Capture 28.12.2019 at 10.03.33

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Development would have to comment on the Move tool, as it’s just functioning as a panning too.

The Select tool allows you to drag a marquee on the image. A crop may be implemented in the future, but you can also copy the selected area to generate new files.