JPG File with Apostrophe Does Not Display in Web Page

Season’s Greetings!

An HTML file that I have does not display properly in DTTG Version 3.6.2 (172284). The file contains a JPG image whose filename has an apostrophe, and the image does not load at all. HTML files containing JPGs with no apostrophes display correctly on DTTG.

This same HTML file does display properly on my Macintosh in DEVONTHINK version 3.8.7, Finder via Spacebar Preview, Safari, and Firefox.

The HTML file also displays properly in two other iPhone apps when both the file and the JPG image are local (on the iPhone). One of these apps claims that it “uses the same WebKit engine that is used by Safari and provided by iOS (WKWebView).”

The HTML file and JPG were created on the Macintosh, imported to an indexed database on DEVONTHINK on the Mac, and then synced to a database on DTTG. I verified that the HTML file on DEVONTHINK is the same as the file on DTTG.

iOS 15.7.2
DTTG Version 3.6.2 (172284)

macOS Monterey 12.6.2
DEVONthink Standard Edition 3.8.7
Safari Version 16.2 (17614., 17614)
Firefox 108.0.1 (64-bit)

Here is the sample HTML code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<title>Apostrophe in HTML Image Name</title>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<p>Image with apostrophe.</p>
<img src="world's.jpg" alt="ALT world1">
<p>End of image.</p>
<p>Image with apostrophe.</p>
<img src="world&#39;s.jpg" alt="ALT world2">
<p>End of image.</p>
<p>Image with no apostrophe.</p>
<img src="correct.jpg" alt="ALT correct">
<p>End of image.</p>

Should I simply remove apostrophes from JPG filenames, or is DTTG likely to change?

What does Safari on iOS do with this file?

DTTG (in fact all apps on iOS) uses the same WebKit engine as Safari, since Apple doesn’t allow other browser engines.

Should I simply remove apostrophes from JPG filenames

Yes, this is advisable regardless. The safest bet is to only use dots, spaces, hyphens, or underscores in filenames.

or is DTTG likely to change?

Yet to be determined as this is the first such report.

I substituted a “%27” without the quotes to the HTML file and added all the files to my iPhone’s Files > On My iPhone folder. Tapping the HTML file displayed a web page that did not show any of the JPG files. It should at least have shown “correct.jpg”. Both JPGs are at the same level as the HTML file. Presumably this was shown via Quick Look.

A long press on Apostrophe.html brought up a Share sheet, but I couldn’t see how to share this offline with Safari.

However, the “%27” version does display correctly in both DEVONthink and in DTTG! I had seen that “%27” idea in my own research but unfortunately didn’t try it. Hexadecimal 27 is the same as 39 in ' and the latter was most often mentioned. If only I had tried one more thing…

Thanks for everyone’s efforts!

… the same as 39 in “&#39